About the Author

Well, what about the author?

More to the point, what about you?

What about your apparently insatiable need to know every niggling detail, no matter how irrelevant, not matter how trivial, about every quasi-celebrity who ever embarrassed herself or himself in public.

What about that?

Is your life so bereft of meaning that you are driven to parasitize the life of an author lest you refuse to buy the book?

It is?


Okay, Milton Love is a moderately well respected marine biologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Ensconced within this ivory tower, well behind the barbican, but still perhaps uncomfortably close to the garderobe, and well away from the sordid little affairs of the Common Folk, Dr. Love conducts research on the fishes of the Pacific Coat. Possessed of an ego that is the size of the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and the color of that young girl’s hair in Rembrandt’s The Night Watch, but curiously smells of new-mown hay, this is not a man to cross.